Head Shave Fundraiser for the Cancer Council

This year on March 14th Chris and I shaved our heads totally bald in support of the Cancer Council, to raise money and awareness. I spent the 10 weeks prior fundraising, praying and getting the word out there. A huge thanks to everyone who contributed and encouraged us – it’s been an amazing blessing to see what an impact this has had. We managed to raise a total of $6050, with the original goal being $5000. Last week we had the privilege of going to the Cancer Council head office for a delicious afternoon tea with the CEO and some of the team, and for a look around to see first hand part of the incredible work they do.

Here’s our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chrisandrachgobald

As of June 2015 this video has almost 14,000 views on YouTube.

And here’s the video of the shave:

One thought on “Head Shave Fundraiser for the Cancer Council

  1. Hi Rachel can I just say you look so stunningly gorgeous with buzzed hair! Have you kept it shaved as it really does look incredible and it would be a huge shame if you gave up such a good style. I guess not only did you raise money but you also help show people that hair doesn’t make you beautiful and beauty really is so much more than just long hair. You really should keep your hair maybe halfway between a buzz and a pixie?



    or go for a buzz again


    what do you think?

    anyway just thought id say that! Hope you keep the short hair… long hair is just so boring and bland where you can only style it one way but with short hair the possibilities are endless and let you alternate between so many different styles so easily and quickly.

    all the best 🙂

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