Vegetarian Rice Paper Rolls

Vietnamese Style Vegetarian Fresh Rice Paper Rolls. 

About this dish: This is my take on a dish that my Mum would often make. It’s great for cocktail parties or picnics and it’s very healthy. It’s easy to do once you get the hang of the assembling and rolling. Serves two for dinner or plenty as a party platter.

-Picture to be added soon!-


200g marinated tofu
1 bunch coriander leaves
1 carrot
1 cucumber
1 red capsicum
1 bag of sprouts of your choice.
1 packet of dried rice paper (round sheets)
soy sauce
1/2 lime
1 x red chilli
sesame oil



Dipping Sauce
  1. pour soy sauce to almost fill two small ramekins
  2. Squeese the juice of a quarter lime into each
  3. Sprinkle with finely chopped red chilli
  4. Add a few drops of sesame oil
  1. Grill the tofu or meat.
  2. Slice the tofu/meat, capsicum, cucumber and carrot into 16 sticks each.
  3. Fill a large but shallow dish with hot water (cool enough that you can touch it though).
  4. Take one rice paper sheet, dip it in the water, making sure all of it gets wet until it is sift (but not totally soaked). Place it immediately on a flat surface, top it with a couple of torn off coriander leaves, followed by a piece each of the capsicum, cucumber, carrot and tofu/meat, finish with a sprinkle of the sprouts. Then fold in the top and bottom of the rice paper, followed by the sides, to form a nice roll.
  5. Repeat the rolling process for all 16 rolls.


– You can replace the tofu with meat, you can also purchase plain tofu and marinate it yourself.

– My rice paper method is to rapidly rotate the dry rice paper sheet at an angle so that the sides are running through the water then I dunk the whole things into the water, flip it upside down and duck it again, and then leave it until it is only JUST soft. Timing and temperature specifics can depend on the brand.

– Make the sauce first so that the flavours infuse into the liquid.

– If you make them in advance, make sure they are stored air tight and that they don’t stick together too much.

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