My Podcast Recommendations

I had a request for podcast recommendations (This is just a list, not reviews).

So here are the ones that I listen to:

Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin interviews famous figures from actors to activists, about their careers and lives.

Sunday Night Safran

John Safran and Fr Bob Maguire talk race and religion with guests, also featuring amusing talk-break intervals. *This is no longer in production.

Doctor Karl on triplej 

Weekly science hour hosted by Zan Rowe, Dr Karl answers listener questions.


Samantha Freestone hosts conversations with Christians about their personal journey. Always finishing with her signature question – ‘Why the heck do you believe in Jesus?’

Freakonomics Radio 

Stephen Dubner and Steve Levitt explore ‘the hidden side of everything’.

This American Life

Headed up by Ira Glass, this podcast is split into 3 acts that each explore the weekly theme from a different creative angle.

The Osher Günsburg Podcast

Osher Günsburg interviews prominent figures from comedy, radio and elsewhere. Each episode is kicked off with a refreshing and very candid update from Osher about mental health.

Favourite Episode: Merrick Watts, Eiji Han Shimizu.

Wilosophy with Will Anderson

Wil Anderson has conversations with various Australian personalities about their philosophy and the path that their life has taken.

Favourite Episode: Todd Sampson

C3 Church Ryde

This is from my Church, they put out the weekly sermons as podcasts on iTunes. It’s great Bible based, life focused, teaching.


Radio Journalist Sarah Koenig looks into the murder case of Hae Min Lee and the conviction of Adnan Syed, the podcast episodes reveal Sarah’s journey looking into the case, featuring interviews with Adnan.

Undisclosed: The State Vs Adnan Syed

Following up from Serial, three attorneys, one closely related to the case, explore the trials, the evdidance and the people involved in the murder case of Hae Min Lee.

Pop Culture Happy Hour

A panel review pop culture movies, tv shows etc each week. Each episode is finished off with ‘what’s making us happy this week’ – where recommendations for apps, music, movies etc are given.

Sparrows and Wildflowers

(Disclosure: this is my podcast) Conversations with different Christians about their life journey, what they believe and why.

The Tim Ferriss Show 

Interviews with interesting people as well as some advice (not that I subscribe to all of it) around success and self improvement.

Conversations with Richard Fidler 

Interviews with interesting people from different spheres, from authors, to scientists, to actors and more.

Voice of the Martyrs Radio

Actually really uplifting and inspiring, as well as informative. Stories and interviews from persecuted Christians around the word.

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