My TV Show Recommendations For Netflix Australia

Friday Night Lights: I like this show, it’s an interesting perspective on small town American culture, drinking culture, Church culture over there and football culture, as well as the family unit. You definitely have to pretend that the students are college age instead of teenagers though, other wise it’s just not believable in any way.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Everybody that I know who has seen this show all agrees that it gets better as it goes on. Don’t give up after the first few episodes because it’s worth persevering. Terry Crews is particularly hilarious…and Cwazy Cupcakes.

Downton Abbey: My husband laughs at me for watching what he calls a period drama version of Days of Our Lives. But I like it! The costumes are incredible and I like the way it weaves in various historical elements.

House Of Cards (American): This is very dark and disturbing, mostly thematically. But the performances are amazing and the story is pretty gripping, less so as it goes on though.

Broadchurch: Again very dark and sad, but more great performances and a well written story.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: This show is very funny and clever in an over the top kind of way, sort of like what Ugly Betty would have been like if it was actually good. There are a few elements of humour that I found a bit uncomfortable though.

Arrested Development: This series is truly hilarious (the recent season less so). A great cast, with so many in-jokes that you yourself will quickly become in on.

North & South: This is a mini series. A really good period drama that is equally about romance, the industrial revolution and unions  – good stuff.

We Can Be Heroes: I love this series. The acting performances from both Chris Lilley and the supporting cast are top class. Warning: if you don’t like politically incorrect then this isn’t for you.

Other ones to watch: Angry Boys, Fawlty Towers, Rake, Upper Middle Bogan.

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