My A21 Prayer Project

I mark in my calendar, on the 21st of every month, half an hour to pray about the horrific human trafficking situation that sadly plagues our world. It’s an issue that can seem very overwhelming and leave us feeling hopeless and disempowered.
So I decided to take a very small but practical and spiritual step to make sure I’m praying for this at least once a month. To help me know how to pray about such a huge and dark issue, I am working my way through the prayer points and accompanying scriptures in the A21 prayer guide.
If you’d like to join me in this project, then I’d really encourage you. If you’d like to help out in other ways there is also a list of ways included below, that you can help out the work that A21 does.
Link to the prayer and help guide pdfs.
PrayerGuide_a21_Page_1 PrayerGuide_a21_Page_2

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