About Rachel

I am a Sydney based video editor and general creative professional. I studied a BA in Communications majoring in Media Arts and Production at the University of Technology Sydney, graduating in 2012. I also have a Certificate 4 in Ministry majoring in TV and Media from Hillsong College, and I have over 9 years of experience across post production and production, both in-house and freelancing.

Currently I spend my days working as a Producer / Senior Editor for the Hillsong Channel, podcasting under the Sparrows and Wildflowers Podcast, doing a small amount of freelance editing, up-skilling in my craft, keeping fit, cooking good food, contributing to my Church, looking after my pet frogs and watching as much great content as possible!
I’m all about Jesus, social justice, film and documentary, storytelling, food, fitness and being generally kind, outward focused and happy in life!





Hillsong Channel

Photo credit: Elize Strydom 


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